Springbrook Adult Classes

Teaching to Change Lives

11/29 The Woman and the Dragon - Flipped Class

This is our first "flipped class." We are going to watch the playlist for these videos ahead of time, and then meet via Zoom on Sunday to discuss.

11/22 Eating the Scroll

We will explore Revelation chapters 8 and 10 to better understand the metaphor of eating the scroll. Are you hungry?

11/15 The Story of Scripture

We'll examine the phenomenon of the seals in Revelation 6 and 7 today.

11/08 Justice at the Gates

We examine the throne room scene in Revelation to understand what is happening and how it is related to Ezekiel.

10/30 Letters to the Churches

Explore the message to the church at Ephesus found in Revelation 2:1-7.

10/25 Opening Revelation

Revelation chapter 1 was shaped by John to explain the content and themes of Revelation.

10/18 What is in Revelation

We explore the context, content, and purpose of the Revelation.

10/04 What is Apocalypse

We are exploring the book of Revelation this quarter. Join us today to discover what does the word Apocalypse mean in the Bible? Is it about the end of the world? Are we experiencing THE apocalypse?

09/27 Four Final Words to Believers

Springbrook's final class on Philippians, discussing Philippians chapter 4.

09/20 Pressing Toward the Goal

Class discussing Philippians 3:1-16.

09/13 The Mind of Christ

Class discussing Philippians 2:1-11

09/06 Remembering the Philippians

Class discussing Philippians Chapter 1.