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6/28 Paul in Rome

In our final class, we take a look at Paul's time spent in Rome.

6/21 A Speech to a Crowd

In this class, we discuss Paul's speech to the crowd in Jerusalem.

6/14 Paul Compelled to go to Jerusalem

Let's examine Paul's decision to go to Jerusalem and how it concludes his final missionary journey.

6/07 Jerusalem Counsel

Let's take a look at how Gentiles were brought into the new Messianic movement as full members.

5/31 Primacy of Paul

The final section of Acts shows us Paul and his friends bringing the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.

5/24 Big Ideas So Far

We will review the learning objectives as well as take a big-picture view of Acts 1-12.

5/17 How Shall Gentiles Enter the Kingdom

This lesson discusses Acts 10-11 where Peter is drawn into God's plan to bring Gentiles into the Kingdom.

5/10 The Confrontation of Saul

We learn about Jesus' confrontation of the Pharisee Saul and try to put this story in context of what has been happening in Acts.

5/03 Philip in Samaria

Follow Philip's ministry in the city of Samaria.

4/26 Stephen's Defense

This lesson will cover the context and speech of Stephen. We try to understand his retelling of the Old Testament story and how it relates to the charges leveled against him.

4/19 Jerusalem Church

We are going to look at Acts 2:42-5:42 from a broader perspective to try to understand how Luke wants us to view the early church body in Jerusalem.

3/29 Jesus Sequel

We are starting our new lessons in Acts starting this week. Here is the lesson titled, "Jesus Sequel" in which we connect the book of Luke and Acts.

4/05 Waiting for the Spirit

We look in detail at the first account of the disciples in Acts and try to understand why they appoint Matthias.

4/12 The Spirit Arrives

We take a big-picture view of Acts 2 and try to put it all in a Biblical context.

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