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About Us

What we teach

The Churches of Christ are making a plea for "undenominational" Christianity. We are seeking to be simply New Testament Christians; nothing more or less. We invite you to join us in worshipping our Lord in the simplicity of the spirit and truth.

  • We believe in the Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit).

  • We teach the inspiration of the scriptures and their inherent authority.

  • We believe that God's salvation is a free gift of his grace offered through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

  • That the gospel is the power of God effecting conversion in one's heart. Romans 1:16, I Peter 1:23

  • That faith comes from hearing the word of God. Romans 10:17

  • That repentance (turning from sin) is required of all who seek to be saved. Acts 17:30

  • That baptism for the remission of sins unites a believer in the death of Christ where Jesus' shed blood is appropriated for our sins. Acts 2:38, Romans 6:3-5

The Lord's Community


In the name of Jesus Christ, and by his power, and according to His command:
To reach and teach people of every culture and every generation with the Word of God. 

To follow the teaching by making disciples beginning in the local community and to the uttermost parts of the world connecting them eternally to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

To foster, nurture and sustain holy and spiritual relationships of the disciples to the Body, the Bride of Christ, and to encourage each disciple to carry this mission to their family, friends and to their circle of influence.

Matthew 28:18-20

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